Eyelash Extension Training- Volume

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Invest in your career! Top Beginner and Refresher course for VOLUME eyelash extension application.  

PREREQUISITE REQUIRED: We strongly recommend at least 6 months or more of regular work applying Classic Lashes.  A strong understanding of Classic application will give you the foundation needed to be successful at Volume Lashing.

Learn directly from top professionals in the eyelash extension industry! Once completed, you will know how to apply all types of styles, widths and lengths in the art of volume eyelash extension application. Everything from providing a clean sterile working environment and product knowledge,to technical details such as how glues react to different environments, and of course, HANDS ON training so you can use the top 3D, 4D and even 5D Volume eyelash application techniques being used today that produce the glamorous look your future clients will love! 

Start making more money by expanding your lash services. We recommend at least 6 months experience in Classic Lash Application BEFORE taking the Volume Lash Application Course.

Complete VOLUME Lash Extension Starter Kit Included in Course fees, and will be available at the training session.

THIS COURSE IS RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE SEEKING TO LEARN THE SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR VOLUME LASH APPLICATION.  It is also a REFRESHER course for those who wish to get more recent trends in technique and application styles.

Classic Lashing: Application of one single synthetic lash to a natural or existing eyelash.

Volume Lashing: Application of usually 3 or more "fanned" synthetic lashes to one natural or existing eyelash.

IMPORTANT: This Certification is NOT Local/State sponsored or governed.  By Registering for this class, each student understands that he/she assumes full responsibility for any state or local licensing requirements separate from this course, and that this course is for educational purposes only and not intended to replace any applicable license requirements needed to commercially apply eyelash extensions. Each State an some local jurisdictions have different requirements. No cancellations or refunds within 14 days of scheduled training. Further, we do not offer advice or suggestions on what kinds or amounts of work you can or cannot do with or without a license (if required in your locale)

ALL TRAINING COURSES START AT 10:00am Sharp in the time zone where the training is taking place! Time frame depends on size of class typically.  Plan on being at the training course until 5:00pm.  We may dismiss earlier depending on class participation and size.


EMAIL US WITH ANY QUESTIONS: support@lashesdirect.com



MERIDIAN, IDAHO-  FEBRUARY, 23rd 2019- Look At Me Now Lash Lounge


COMING SOON (exact dates and locations to be determined):

SALT LAKE CITY, UT- August 27th 

LAS VEGAS, NV- October (Date TBD- email today for details)

PHOENIX, AZ- November 26th 2019 (Date TBD)

email us to suggest another location!    support@lashesdirect.com