Elevate Classic Eyelash Extension Glue- by Revelation.

  • $ 62.95

'Good enough' eyelash glues are easy enough to find.  But Great Lash extension glues are not nearly as easy.  The "Elevate" by Revelation Lash Extension Adhesive has quickly become one of our best selling LASH glues!  And for good reason.  It works great, and lets you move faster to get more lashes on in less time because of it's fast dry time!  See Properties below!

Keep your clients coming back!  Clean, thin but strong lash glue that lasts!

Quick Facts:

-Moderate Fumes

-1 Second Dry Time! Professional Users Only!

- High Viscosity (not thick)

-Black Glue

-Light Weight compared to other glues

- up to 5 week hold time!

- Formaldehyde and Latex- Free!

-Shake well before use

-Store in cool, dry and temperature stable location.

-Keep away from pets and Children!  Follow all safety warnings and test first as this and all eyelash extension glues may cause skin and eye irritation.

-Optimal Humidity: 45% to 65%