Blink Signature Mink Eyelash Extension Lash Tray: C-CURL

  • $ 14.99

C Curls! Our most popular collection of Mink synthetic lashes. Each tray consists of 12 strips. Because of the wide variety of curl, thickness and length, these lashes are always in demand! Our more experienced lash stylists understand which curl to use for different types of eye shapes and dimensions. You should have- and work with- as many curls and lengths as possible. Like everything, practice makes perfect, and understanding your clients needs is no different. As important as the curl is, the width may be even more so. Using the right width will preserve the lash follicle if done right. As a general rule, the finer the lash, the smaller the width is used. This puts less weight on the individual lash and by doing so, makes the natural lash stay without damaging. This also decreases drooping, and allows the lash to wear longer also. Become the best stylist in your area by giving a unique look and the highest customer satisfaction levels! Stock up on the curls, widths, and different lengths our most experienced professionals have come to love!