Eyelash Extension Training Manual

  • $ 51.95

Take advantage of our Classic online course, and get some bonus pages in this manual to help you start your lashing in the right direction.  This class or manual does not currently offer a certification.  This may change as the course evolves.

Topics Covered mirror the online course:

Intro to Lashes

Knowing your Lash Product

Lash Science


Isolation and Application

Eye Shapes and Mapping



This manual is not intended to be a complete knowledge base for all things eyelash extensions. It is a condensed version of a complete training. It in no way replaces in person training, and we strongly recommend before attempting to apply eyelash extensions to a human to get some in person training from a professional. Before doing eyelash extensions as a business, please make sure you check with State and Local jurisdictions to make sure you are abiding by all rules, regulations and laws. Lashes Direct, LLC does not endorse, and discourages starting a business without proper licensing.  Buyer understands that Eyelash Extension application on a human can be harmful, and by purchasing this course or manual, holds Lashes Direct, LLC and all members harmless.  Once receiving the manual and/or any Lash products, be sure to read all safety warnings and specific product labels and warnings.