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Lash Extension Supplies: I didn't choose Lashes - Lashes literally chose me! 

And that's not just a cliche. Truth be told, I should be working with a humanitarian group somewhere in a remote location.  I truly find my life's drive and motivation in helping others.  I also love beauty, so let me explain how these two worlds collide inside of my being.

Long story short- My husband sold his business over 10 years ago, and we moved out of state to Arizona, where I knew nobody except family. We had 2 children who at the time were under the age of 3. It was traumatic to say the least!  On top of that, I lost my lash girl and needed to find someone who knew how to do lashes. When I found no one who even knew how, I decided that I would learn how to do them myself, and teach others so that we could trade. 

I had two dear friends who were going through divorces at the time, and they needed to start thinking about how they were going to support their families.  Products were expensive, so with all of us sharing the need to do lashes- I started buying wholesale product and they would pay me back once they had the money.  Over time, more and more were catching on to the Eyelash Extension craze, and needed supplies!

We started looking like a drug house with the cars that were pulling up, picking up supplies and hopping in their cars and driving away. I can only imagine the neighbors wondering what the new neighbors did for a living! haha!

I feel incredibly grateful that this business has grown the way it has over the last decade- but to be honest, The past few years, I started feeling a void.  I wanted to do something that meant more to people than simply selling a vanity product. I wanted to change lives and help others. Since then, I have found that the biggest opportunity I had to do that, was through the Eyelash Extension Industry. About 5 years ago from the writing of this post, I started to dislike the direction the industry was taking.  It seemed that eyelash extensions were being sold as a high-end, vain, glam-product.  My experience with the lash world was completely different. I watched some of the strongest women who had been through more in their lives than any human should have to go through, get eyelash extensions to enhance their natural beauty.  Lashes were the ONE THING that still made these strong women feel beautiful, feminine and yes, happy.  Despite the pain and suffering and even the financial commitment it took to maintain their lashes, they found a way.  They inspired me, and the lash appointments turned into friendship building time that created some of my strongest bonds to this very day. These women were not magazine cover models on the outside, but their souls definitely were! 

So... I have decided that instead of advertise this company with half-naked models that happen to be wearing lashes, that I would highlight the GOOD that YOU ALL do with your lash work.  I hope that there are many of you that will find the same inspiration and change the way you look at your contribution to the souls of your lash clients!  Together I believe we can make a difference that really matters!



Jamie Snider


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