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Application: Tools & Products for applying Eyelash Extensions

Get all of your Eyelash Extension Supplies such as Lint-Free Eye Patches, Mascara Wands, Crystal Stones, Jade Stones, Micro Swabs, Sanitizing tools, Nano Misters etc.  When doing eyelash extensions properly, some tools are necessities.  Don't compromise your clients experience by passing up on top quality Eyelash Extension Tools! Other items are not necessary to apply the lashes- but are important for the Lash Professional to keep their work areas sterile and well lighted.  It is equally important to protect yourself from long exposure to adhesive fumes to both your own eyes and airways. Take care of yourself! 

Keep in mind that like most things in life, when you spend a little more on your tools, you tend to get more use out of them and even more, they cause less stress on your body! We have found that the best tweezers are worth the extra money.  Not only do they offer more control, but the tension needed to operate them is a lot less, so you can work longer with more precision on your client's eyelash extensions!  Don't take our word for it though- watch for product reviews from verified buyers!

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