Eyelash Extension Glue & Remover

The Best Eyelash Extension Glue

everything you need in eyelash extension adhesive... right here.

We are known for our eyelash extension glue. But that is not enough for salons and top beauty schools to regularly use them.  They NEED results! That is what makes the ultimate difference in your lash business.

Our glues are Cyanoacrylate glues.  This glue base is hands down the best for eyelash extension glues. Some individuals are sensitive to the chemical make-up of eyelash extension glue, so it is VERY important you perform a patch test FIRST... Learn More

We make sure every Eyelash Extension Glue we offer has been scrutinized and tested to meet our high standards.  Eyelash Extension Glues are going to be the difference maker for you and your clients degree of satisfaction with the end results.  This is not the place to cut corners. We have taken the guess work out of your decision making by offering a wide range of proven Eyelash Extension Glues that do the job they were made for!  Whether you are applying Volume lashes with Amplify Glue for 3D, 4D or 5D Lashes, or Individual Synthetic Mink Eyelashes with Marvel or Signature glues, your clients will be thrilled with the longevity and natural look you can capture by using the proper tools and eyelash extension adhesives.