Signature Latex Free Eyelash Extension Glue

  • $ 54.95

Strong Bonding Eyelash Extension Glue.  In fact, our top-selling glue for all these years!  Find out why... Just try it.  Your business can't afford not to.

Eyelash Glues can mean the difference between keeping a client forever, and always trying to find new ones.  That is why this glue has become a staple for so many eyelash extension salons and beauty schools!  With a very black color, and a slightly thicker consistency than other lash glues that are advertised as "strong bond," Signature Latex-Free Lash Glue will keep you ordering regularly.  Lash extension glues are largely personal preference.  Some like faster drying glues, while others prefer a bit slower drying glues.  This glue is the perfect medium, but still leans on the faster side of things.  Your clients will love it because it is super black and makes the lashes they paid for pop much better than standard glues on the market.  We keep getting feedback that this eyelash extension glue performs better than lash glues double the price.

This Lash Glue can be used on both Classic and Volume.  We find that we like to lean more to the Classic lashes with this one though.  But the versatility allows for application of all kinds of styles of lashes!


  •  Moderate to High Fumes: STRONG BONDING GLUE!
  •  2 to 3 second dry time (time for glue to set)
  •  Hold Time: Lashes should stay on 3.5 to 5 weeks before fill is needed.
  •  LATEX-FREE! (not considered sensitive for those who do not have latex sensitivities.)
  •  Shake well before each use for best results.
  •  Our TOP SELLING Eyelash Extension Glue!
  •  Formaldehyde Free
  •  Best performance at 50-60% Humidity

SIGNATURE Latex-Free glue by Revelation, is our #1 best selling glue for a reason! This lash glue is included in our Lash Extension Starter Kit also.  Many top lash salons continue to order this glue as a mainstay for their salons for a reason.  The hold is top notch, and it is a very black glue that is slightly thicker than many of the fast drying lash glues on the market. The glue is somewhat comparable to Blink Ultra Bond, but many prefer this glue over the Ultra Bond adhesive for various reasons.  Mainly the better hold time, and the ease at which you can place lashes. Many end up choosing this as their favorite glue to use once they have tried it.  Even when customers go on the hunt to try different glues, Signature Latex-Free Eyelash Extension glue seems to keep them coming back!  It is also used by many lash extension trainers and top Salons in North America.  Also since it is Latex-Free, "Signature" can double as a strong bonding, more sensitive glue than many others.  It does have strong fumes- so not quite classified as a sensitive adhesive. Although it is latex free- ALWAYS TEST ON CLIENT BEFORE APPLICATION! For professional use only! The strong bond and quick dry time is sure to make you a believer too!