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Welcome to my Eyelash Extension Online Store! 

My name is Jamie,

Lashes Direct is my baby!  (well, one of a few...) I have 2 adorable children and a wonderful husband who are all my REAL passion in life!  Actually, they are my life!  I work hard so that we can spend more time together!  My goal with this site is to get you personally tested, quality products that I have used or currently do use myself!  That way you don't waste your money on garbage.  Think of me as your product garbage filter! 

I LOVE PILATES!  I did Pilates for years before, and right after I had my 2 children, then life got busy!  I quit for a few years and forgot how much it invigorates me and keeps me moving and most of all- sharp!  Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.  I recommend it to everyone! (message me for details..lol!)

I would feel totally ungrateful if I did not thank God for His help in making this Lash Dream of mine a reality!  He has helped me maintain a steady focus and has also helped me avoid making mistakes that very easily could have killed this business... (it's not as easy as it looks) I owe much, if not all of my success to Him!

The OUTDOORS are my true home!  I grew up in Eastern Idaho, and was a daddy's girl to a renegade named Pete (RIP dad!), and a mom who let me style away!   My dad treated me like the son he never had... (sorry to my husband :)) and we would ALWAYS be fishing or camping whenever we got a chance.  To this day, I feel spiritually filled when I am in touch with nature, and it keeps a connection to my dear old dad! (but I still love a good night's sleep)

There is a lot more about me that I won't share here- but, join our email list, and I'm sure you will learn way too much!  I have been accused of saying Waaay too much from time to time.  Even in writing.  Watch my training tips and tutorials too!  Leave comments and reviews as it helps me get a few more followers!


Jamie Snider



Based in Gilbert, AZ- Lashes Direct offers a wide variety of Eyelash Extension product lines at discount prices. 

We provide the most popular adhesives and lashes available at discount prices- and leave the advertising and marketing costs out of it so you can use your hard earned money to advertise your own business. We are confident that you will be very happy with the quality of products we offer.

We are always interested in suggestions, especially if you feel that we do not offer something that you have tried and love!  Please email us with any feedback so we can look into popular new products to see if it fits our business offering model!

Email us at:   support@lashesdirect.com