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Learn from the best!

Eyelash Extension Certification Course for those just starting to those wanting to hone their skills. Learn the latest Classic or Volume techniques being used in the eyelash extension industry, along with all of the tips and tricks that will allow you to grow your lash extension business in the right way! You only get one chance to gain a client and keep them coming back for more, so just like anything else in life- if you are going to do lashes, you might as well do them right- but also with detailed perfection! 
You have the unique opportunity to be trained by successful lash artists who are respected Industry leaders in their areas.  Your instructors have made lucrative careers APPLYING eyelash extensions, and, some of them have run very successful Eyelash Extension Salons.  They are eager to help you become as successful as possible, and will help you along your lash journey by teaching you not only HOW to do lashes, but also what common mistakes to avoid that have been made by new and even experienced lash artists.

Here is what you can expect in your lash extension training course:

-Detailed Start to Finish Lash Application Training. Everything from proper cleanliness practices, to the final touches on your lash client's beautiful lashes.
-Hands on Lash Extension Training from experienced professionals. 
-Our instructors each have over 7 years of full time experience in the Eyelash Extension field- so they KNOW what they are talking about.
-Detailed one on one help while learning the proper techniques and procedures of individual eyelash extension application.
-You will also be furnished with a professional Eyelash Extension Starter Kit that will include absolutely everything you will need to get off to a great start in the eyelash extension industry.
-Before you complete certification, you will have applied lashes successfully on at least 3 full sets of lashes.  
-You will have full access to our forum to get answers to any questions you may have, or problems you may run into free for 12 months. 


We offer two courses. Each is one day that starts at 10am and typically ends between 3-5pm depending on class size.  (the smaller, the faster we move through the modules) 


For the beginner with little to no experience.  Classic Lashing is the art of applying ONE individual synthetic lash to ONE natural lash. Before any other advanced technique such as volume lashing, learning the classic application well will give you a solid foundation upon which you can grow in your speed and skill level.  This necessary foundation will allow for future growth and the ability to add skill sets to your lashing abilities.




For the lash artist who has at least one year of experience in Classic Lashing, and has got a good handle on the foundations of eyelash extension application.  This course will refresh basic skills and concepts and go over more advanced lashing techniques that will take your business to the next level. Volume training will get you to a place where, with consistent use of the training provided, your clients beautiful lashes will be your own free walking advertising!  


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We typically fill our slots fast- and for good reason. So don't wait- RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! Why wait to start making money doing something you actually love doing.  Eyelash Extensions have proven to NOT be a fad.  Get in on the multi-Billion dollar industry now, and become the master of your own destiny!