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Shipping Info, and Discounts...We like to keep this stuff simple!

ALL ORDERS OVER $99 Get FREE STANDARD SHIPPING! (Usually the Standard Shipping is USPS First Class or FedEx Ground or One Service)

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IF YOU SPEND over $265 - EVERYTHING for that order is 20% off! USE COUPON CODE: lashes20 to redeem at checkout!


 Orders go out MONDAY-FRIDAY by noon Arizona, USA time.  There are times we get out more up to about 3pm, but it's not the rule.

OVERNIGHT CANNOT HAPPEN FRIDAY AFTERNOON THROUGH SUNDAY NIGHT!!  Monday-Friday Morning will allow for overnight shipments!

We do NOT ship Saturday and Sunday, so if you order Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday- Your order will ship Monday. (unless it is a national holiday)

Coupon Code or Shipping Problems?  Email we will get back to you quickly!

YES- WE SHIP WORLDWIDE, and we like to give YOU options!  Shipping prices and shipping speed options are always available at checkout!  Our shopping cart assigns weights to each item to calculate the shipping costs.  So it is hard to give you a fair estimate, but here goes... 

USA average is $3-$6 for an average shipment.  International Shipping is anywhere from $6-$25 (big range, but international can mean a long distance)

How can I get Free Shipping you ask?

If you order over $99, you get FREE STANDARD SHIPPING IN THE USA!

CANADIANS can get free STANDARD SHIPPING if they order over $150!  (USD of course) 


USA Orders with STANDARD SHIPPING usually arrive 2-3 business days unless a faster shipping service is selected. (you CAN do overnight)

International Shipping times range, but a good rule of thumb is 7-10 days.  Customs can make that longer- but we have found since orders are typically pretty small (under $2000) they don't bother our customers very often at all- but it is good to know in advance that there is a possibility.  We ship fast- but once it is in shipping company's hands- we can't be responsible for what happens... But we ALWAYS try to make a bad situation good whenever we can.

Quantity Discount- everyday!


P.S- you can also check out our money back guarantee by clicking here!

Thanks for shopping with us!