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FREE Precision Elite TWEEZERS SET by Revelation.

 Eyelash_Extension_Tweezer_Set_Precision_Elite_by Revelation.

These are no ordinary Tweezers- We sell the set for $34.95!  And they sell well I might add.  We wanted to give you REAL value for following us, and also for trying some of our products- especially the glues we get so much attention for!  So- we thought the best thing to do would be, if you spend $50 or more on, then we would match (and beat by almost $5) that amount and GIVE you the Tweezer set FREE!  NO COST TO YOU!  GRATIS!

Since the MINIMUM order amount on your ticket MUST BE (including tweezer set) $84.95 (because the Tweezers are $34.95, and to get them free you need to spend $50 in our store) The coupon code will take the $34.95 off the total leaving you at $50 (or whatever you choose to spend over $50.)

So just enter coupon code INSTATWEEZERS, and you will get your tweezer set cost knocked off the ticket! (you need to add the tweezer set to your cart first though!)

We are excited to offer you this great tweezers set!  Please let me know what you think by adding a review!  

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