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Why you should NEVER wear REGULAR mascara with your Eyelash Extensions!

Why you should NEVER wear REGULAR mascara with your Eyelash Extensions!

 Help your Eyelash Extensions  Last!    Only use the RIGHT  Mascara.

You paid a lot for your lashes.  And you look amazing! But you still want to use your favorite mascara... WAIT!  If your lash tech didn't already tell you, you should NEVER use an oil based mascara for your lash extensions.  

Your eyelash extension glue is most likely made with ingredients that normal mascaras will break down or weaken. Using your drug-store mascara just won't cut it anymore... at least not if you want perfect lashes by getting eyelash extensions. So, what is your option?  You will need a mascara that is NOT oil based.  Preferably you will want to get a mascara that is made by a lash extension specific company.  That means a company that does not make every makeup product under the sun. You will not go wrong if you use a makeup company that Specializes in Eyelash Extension Supplies and Products.  We have links here to some mascaras that we use or like ourselves.  

We really are in love with the Blink NOIR eyelash extension mascara.  It is a bit more than standard mascaras, but it definitely makes up for it by how much you will save by extending the life of you r eyelash extensions. Another cool product that most don't know about is called Eyelash Extension sealants.  Again, there are a lot of good options, Revelation brand is great, but they are reformulating their sealant to be cutting edge, so it is not out yet as of this blog post- but again, blink makes a couple of really good ones.  I will post the link on the pictures as well.  The sealants basically seal your natural lashes to the glue bond, and therefore extend the life of your  eyelash extensions. 

I hope these little tips help you save money and time by making your lash extensions last that much longer!

Please let me know if you have any questions or what you think of these products below in the comments!!




  • Posted by Arleen on

    I lash many top makeup artists in Houston. My go-to product is the Black Diamond Sealant; my clients love this item. Happy client = Happy Lash Boss!

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