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How Much Money do Lash Extension Artists make?

How Much Money do Lash Extension Artists make?

The first question anyone has before they jump into a new career is typically, "how much can I make?" Although the answer isn't the only reason may choose to pursue lash extension industry - when the number is a good one - it definitely helps.

The first question anyone has before they jump into a new career is typically, "how much can I make?"  Although the answer isn't the only reason may choose to pursue lash extension industry- when the number is a good one- it definitely helps.

To answer this question is tricky however.  I will provide 3 main ways you can tailor this answer to be as accurate as possible.  

1. Know your Market

2. Know your schedule

3. Be the best at what you do!



These three categories could be broken down into more categories of course, but follow these three steps and you can get a really good feel for if you will make enough money in this field to make it worth your while.  After all- before you can earn money, you must invest in courses, licenses and training.

Getting trained properly to do eyelash extensions is paramount to your success.  But after being in the industry for over 10 years, I know that being successful in Eyelash Extension application takes a certain personality type. Like everything, there are always exceptions, but if I were starting out fresh for the first time and I read this blog post- I would at least want to make sure I checked a few of the boxes.

I have found that the most important trait many successful Lash Artists possess is being a perfectionist!  People are willing to pay a LOT of money for beauty.  But there are many forces competing for their hard earned dollars.  Women will drive long distances and pay much more for a perfect set of lashes. When you take your craft seriously, and treat each set of Lashes like you had to wear them- you will slowly but surely become known in your area for creating the beautiful and full lash set that clients are willing to pay for!

Patience- you need to have patience. BECOMING great takes time and mistakes are often made on the path to greatness.  That is not just in lashes- that is in everything. Learn to take your time, and believe in the process. You will eventually find that time turned into an incredible skill that makes you a lot of money.

Now to the good stuff.

1. Know Your Market

Before you can calculate how much money YOU will make, you need to find out what your future competitors are currently making per full set/fill.  This is easy enough, but I would get at least 10 quotes, and organize them from how much experience each lash artist has, and also how expensive they are.  You should see a correlation between experience and higher fees.  If you don't, then at least you have a good idea what the market is charging.  When you start, you will need to build a client base, and that will usually mean doing introductory lower rates, and understanding that you will not be as fast as you will be in the future.  Use this period of time to get good enough to confidently raise prices from the low rates you need to charge at the beginning.  Also understand that you will make mistakes and might have to correct those mistakes for free a few times at first.  Look at that as a cost of doing business.


2. Know Your Schedule

How much time will you REALLY have to do lashes? At first, you will most likely take anyone you can get. Over time though, are you willing to put in full work days?  Every day of the week?  Or just weekdays and not holidays or weekends.  Once you are good, you should be able to do a fill in an hour or so. A full set could take you 2-3 hours if you are paying attention to detail and giving the kind of result your clients will love.  With the knowledge from steps 1 and 2, you can start figuring out what your earning potential is if you are being realistic. I recommend being a little bit conservative with your hours you plan on working because very rarely will you be able to start with a jam packed schedule.


3. Be the Best at What You Do

Over time, my clientele grew as my hourly income also grew.  I decided based on my family requirements as a young mother, and how much I wanted to make doing lashes that I needed to increase rates.  I did this numerous times, and it was always bitter-sweet because I lost clients I absolutely loved due to higher rates they no longer could afford.  I always kept clients I also loved too, and at the same time, when new clients came on, they already knew my higher rates.  So- I made more for the time spent.  What allowed me to grow in this way?  I was a las perfectionist!  Not only couldn't I let clients leave without a beautiful set of lashes- it was impossible for me to do!  I looked at my clients lashes like my personal business card.  If they walked around and their lashes looked perfect, I knew my phone would keep ringing.  And I proved to be right.

Eyelash Extension products also play into your success.  I only used the stuff that I knew wouldn't let myself or my clients down.  I needed glues that were black and strong.  That is one of the reasons I started over a decade ago.  You don't need to use my products though, as there are a lot of great products on the market.  But when you mess up- you will know it.  And your clients will too.  My advice- just don't go cheap on the stuff that literally "Holds" your business together.

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