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Illusion Flat Lash -by Revelation.

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Illusion lashes by Revelation are a new and exciting Eyelash Extension Lash that is adding a beautiful element to Eyelash Extensions in general! Because of the "flatness" of the illusion lash, they appear thicker (like a .25 width) but remain light (like a .15) to prevent damage to the natural lashes. These lashes are flatter and offer a more voluminous look, while keeping application to just one individual lash. The "flatter" lash also allows for a more simple application. You will notice a softer feel, and more flexible appearance to the lashes. Also, they seem to shimmer just enough to get the kind of subtle attention to your lashes you want! Now some Curls are available in the MIX trays!

- Thicker yet Light Lashes
- Voluminous Illusion
- Versatile Curl Options

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