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Precision Elite Perfect Curve Volume Tweezers- by Revelation.

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Eyelash Extension Volume Tweezers
The name on these eyelash extension tweezers says it all! "Perfect Curve." We absolutely love these for volume lashes! We got the sample in, and we knew these tweezers would soon be our number one for volume! Just like all of the other Precision Elite line of tweezers, the tension if almost unnoticeable, which makes doing volume lashing SO much easier! But not just that- the curve on these allows for easy grouping with a great line of sight to the lash tray. This is an investment worth making! It comes in the plastic tube with a rubber tip protector and allows for easy transportation without breaking or damaging the tweezers. Your hands will thank you!

- Perfect Curve Design
- Effortless Volume Lashing
- Precision Investment

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