Can I Have My Eyelash Extension Order Expedited-Customer Service-Orders

If you want your Eyelash Extension Supplies Expedited...


You have come to the right place!  But... there are a few things that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT you need to know first!

We DO NOT ship ANY orders Saturdays, Sundays or National Holidays!That means if you order on a Friday Night and select the OVERNIGHT option, It will not ship until MONDAY, and will get to you on TUESDAY!

Other than that- you need to know that the cutoff for overnight orders is 2:00pm Arizona Time!  What time is is in AZ?  Check the current time right now!

If everything looks good, and you want to expedite your shipment, go ahead and order. At checkout, we will calculate weight and size of your order, and give US customers overnight pricing options for both USPS and FedEx.

Thanks for trusting us with your eyelash extension needs! 


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