Eyelash Extension Supplies

Eyelash Extension Supplies

Signature Latex-Free Eyelash Extension Supplies

You have been trained somewhere else, but need to find better eyelash extension supplies... 

The frustration is real!  You are paying waaay too much for the glue they told you was the ONLY glue to use- but after talking to some friends, you find that you could make more per client just by saving on a professional eyelash extension glue.  The best part is, you will most likely like our glues better!  Of course, liking anything is personal preference at the end of the day, but we have a very high re-order rate because we don't sell garbage! In fact, we have had so many lash artists call or email just to tell us how much they love the glues and lashes we carry.  It's no secret, fresh eyelash extension glues that hold well, as well as blacker lashes that are soft and full are in high demand. 

Why we know you will be happy:

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We test everything we sell before we sell it.  We have a number of salons and top lash artists on a testing panel too, that provide honest feedback.  You can have confidence that what we tell you is not just OUR opinion, but the opinion of up to 50 lash stylists!  And, if that is not enough- simply read the verified third party reviews!  

Salons and Lash Artists trust LashesDirect.com for their eyelash extension supplies, because we are easy to work with, ship product fast, and deliver on our promise to always stand beside our lash extension products! If it is bad or doesn't work- we replace it!

Give us a try!

We are so confident that you will be happy that we have a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all products! (Read our Easy Return Policy Here, because some conditions apply)