Guarantee & Return Policy

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100% Money Back Guarantee – Eyelash Extension Lashes, Adhesive Removers, Application Tools & Other Accessories.

"Excellent customer service when i needed to return the product. No hassles or 50 questions, just a fast refund!" -Mary P. Spokane, WA
"Lashes Direct was VERY accomodating with a previous issue I had in addition, this adhesive is AWESOME!" -LaShanda W. Acworth, GA


Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Instead of a bunch of legal jargon- here it is in plain english…

We know that we will only stay in business if YOU are happy with both our products and great customer service! Because you work hard for your money, we want to make it easy to order and return anything that does not meet your high standards.  If you receive any product that is not what you intended it to be- just email us at:

Explain why you are requesting a refund, attach a picture if possible, and as long as you fit the rules below- we will refund you as soon as we get it back.

100% Money Back Guarantee Qualifications:

1) We track all orders, so we MUST have a written request (email only- see above for address) within 5 days of receiving your order determined by Shipping records, or if shipping details are not available, within 10 days from shipping date. 

DO NOT CALL US! – once we get your email request, WE WILL RETURN YOUR EMAIL within 24 hours, or the following business day!  We cannot do anything until we receive an email request for return.  All return/replacement communication must be through email so that all communication is written so that no confusion will occur.

2) Adhesives/Glues that are opened or used (even just once) cannot be returned, and do not fall under this category unless it is:

-Defective (clumpy, hard etc.) or,

-The container is broken upon arrival

3) FREE LASH COURSE with Starter Kit- Due to the fact that the price of the course is MUCH greater than the price of the Kit- we will not issue returns in part or in full for the Starter Kit if you also got the Free Lash Course with it.

Either one of these circumstances allows for immediate return.  You will be asked to take a picture of product in question and email it with your request to: 

Because of the nature of adhesives, we cannot refund if glue is opened or used… really, this is the only caveat to our rule.  If your reason is compelling we reserve the right to make an exception to our own rule on a case by case basis.  Please understand that in most cases we want to be nice and fair.  If you are a returning customer and order from us 2 times or more, we will almost always accept your request and apply a  refund.  We want to protect ourselves because we refuse to be a ‘use it and return it so I don’t have to pay’ type of company… if people like that didn’t exist- we wouldn’t even have these rules!

3) RETURN TO: All shipping costs both original and return are at the expense of the purchaser, unless we choose otherwise. Return shipments can be sent to:

844 South 800 West
Unit 210
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

INCLUDE NAME or BUSINESS YOU ORDERED UNDER, Order Number & Date, and reason for return. Read ALL rules before return to make sure your product can be returned, and state what you want: refund, exchange, or Store Credit.  

4) We want to be as fair as possible.  Both fair to our customers, and fair to our company.  As long as your intentions are honest- you will have no problems dealing with us!

Thank you for your business!  We are confident you will love our products and prompt customer service!


Jamie Snider,