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Eyelash Extension Glue- Top 3 Tips for Storage and Making Lash Glues Last Longer!

Eyelash Extension Glue- Top 3 Tips for Storage and Making Lash Glues Last Longer!

Want to get the most shelf life out of your Eyelash Extension Glue?  Find out the 3 easiest ways here!  Also learn How long Eyelash Extension Glue can last... and why!

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How long can you keep eyelash extension glue?

There are a lot of theories and ideas out there about HOW to store eyelash extension glue!  Some are scientifically backwards- and others seem to be fine, but most likely do not extend the life of the glue so, I have made a list of things you should know to help you decide on the best Storage and maintenance for your glues!

Here is what we KNOW makes a difference in shelf life of any Eyelash Extension Glue:

1. Frequent temperature fluctuations (the bigger the worse) will diminish the life of a Glue.  

2. Exposing glue to oxygen will break it down faster, and therefore diminish the life of the Glue also.

3. Most Eyelash Extension Glues can stay "fresh" for up to 6 months BEFORE they are opened FROM THE TIME it is BOTTLED!

So, let's talk about what this all means and how you can control your glue better to extend the life a little more.  Knowing how long you can keep eyelash glue depends on these things. (this stuff isn't cheap- and following these scientific facts can save you a lot of money over a year!)

First, I will tackle the "Frequent Temperature Fluctuations."  The most common question we get is, "Should I keep my glue in the fridge?"  Now that you understand the reason people ask that, you could probably answer that question yourself now... (never say I didn't teach you anything!)  It depends on your climate, and the ability you have to maintain your glue in a relatively stable environment- temperature wise of course.  I like to keep my glues at room temperature.  The temperature in Arizona, where I live, is relatively steady, and slow temperature changes that are not sporadic should not effect your glue much at all. (April to May for example)  So, in short, NO! You do not have to keep your glue in a refrigerator!  But, if the climate where you live makes that better- then be my guest.  You will most likely squeeze a little more life out of your glue as long as you are pouring what you need, then putting it back.

Second, let's talk about oxidization.  If you take a bite of an apple, then walk away for an hour or two- you will come back to a brown gross looking apple, right?  Well, Eyelash Extension Glues are similar.  Though they don't turn brown like an apple, they will break down slowly but surely and leave you with thick, clumpy glue or glue that loses it's bonding ability.  So, my recommendation is to unscrew cap, drop the glue you need for application into a glue ring, or on a glue stone, then immediately screw cap back on tightly. Make sure it's not so tight that you can't open it... the Idea is simply to not let oxygen interact with the glue in the bottle.  Got it? Good.

On to the last point- SHELF LIFE. So, this is a HUGE ONE!  You really cannot ever know when a glue was manufactured.  The biggest way to control the one area you cannot control is WHO you buy your eyelash extension adhesives from.  Like any product, if a company buys in bulk- they get a better price. So, assume that great deal you see on Amazon (glue so cheap you can still fill a tank of gas in your car and save money) could very easily have been ordered last year!  That means as soon as you open that bottle, the damage is imminent!  And, YOU will be ordering more glue to re-apply lashes on your clients.  ...Most likely for free!  So, do your homework, and invest in good glues and lashes.  It will actually make you MORE money, and save you time.  Happy clients also refer new ones!

Of course, this is a basic outline, and the science can go further- but follow these tips and you will thank me later!

For more tips and eyelash extension Training videos, go to and click on the tutorials link!

Happy Lashing!


 P.S- I would love to know what you think on this subject, and if you have found something that helps that is not discussed here!



  • Posted by Angela Flores on

    I have the same questions as the last two ladies did. 1) I use your sensitive adhesive;the first 2times my girl told me the glue was working fine. This 3rd time she said it’s becoming goey& taking a long time to dry;making it a bit difficult for her. Any suggestions?
    2) I live in Santa Paula Ca; relatively mild weather but at times extreme cold/warm.i keep the glue in my fridge and remove it about 1hr before use. Could this be effecting the hold/ adhesivenes of the glue?!
    Thank you so much for this article!

  • Posted by Stephanie Piatkowski on

    Hello, so I purchased a starter kit and the glue was great for the first 5 or so sets I did; and then it started to get really gooey…and not drying how it should and making my job so much harder….is this normal? The bottle still has a lot left in it.

  • Posted by Solange on

    I’ve been keeping my signature glue in the refrigerator, and taking it out an hour before I use it. Is that going to hand a negative effect on my glue?

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