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Why You DO NOT want Lash Extension Glue to Hold MORE than 5 weeks!

Why You DO NOT want Lash Extension Glue to Hold MORE than 5 weeks!

Don't use glue that will make you work for FREE!!!  Get the memo by reading this post!

No one likes more work.  And absolutely no one likes to do that extra work for FREE!  Yet, we have all had it happen before. The dreaded phone call from a client that goes something like, "Hey girl! My lashes have been falling off for some reason. Can you fix this?  And by the way, I have a wedding to go to tonight!" you respond something like, "Oh No!  Of course I will...  When can I ruin my day to fit you in girlfriend?"  Truth is, we all signed up for this.  I mean, this is just one of the necessary evils of the beauty-service world we live in. But some times we bring this pain on ourselves- or we are sold on something that will ultimately result in the dreaded "free work" trauma.  We assume that this free work is caused by Eyelash Extension Glue that does not last long ENOUGH.  And, sometimes that is the case.  If it is- you need to get new glue.  Most of the time, the glue is simply bad though. If you want to know how to make Lash Extension Glue last as long as possible, you need to read my blog post called, Eyelash Extension Glue- Top 3 Tips for Storage and Making Lash Glues Last Longer! .  Glue goes bad for a lot of reasons, but most of the time it is simply old and you need to order a new bottle.  Most companies have a great return policy on bad glues, but it is never a bad idea to know return policies before you buy. 

I want to focus on a "free-work" magnet that I am seeing more and more lately, and I don't know exactly why either.  Not only does this desire make you do more for less, it actually COSTS you money! What is this evil desire you may be guilty of yourself you ask?  ...LONGER LASTING EYELASH EXTENSION GLUE! I mean, how long is long enough ladies? 8 weeks, 3 months?!  I am here to give you a paradigm shift- hopefully! 

Let's talk about this.  You work hard to gain new clients. Even if you are maxed out and could not take another client if you wanted, you worked hard for that.  Second, that can all go away if you ruin your reputation.  We have all heard the saying, "It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and only a few seconds to ruin it." (or something along those lines anyways.) Same applies to your Lash Business. So let me cut to the chase.  What is wrong with long lasting eyelash extension adhesive? I'll break it down:

1) Newsflash- Lashes DO grow out like any other hair!  So even if your clients leave you looking more fabulous than anyone thought possible when they walked in- give em a few weeks. Glues with bonds that are too strong will usually get brittle and either break the natural lash off, or grow out and makes an otherwise beautiful lash line turn into looking like Melman from Madagascar's eyelashes.  Haven't you seen women who's lashes actually look giraffe like? Too long and straight for their eye shape? Could have to do with the curl (and that usually does) but the glue can lead to a similar effect. AVOID GIRAFFE LASHES!  ...Please? 

2) When it is time for a fill, you had better have a chisel and come armed with a TON of patience... and be prepared to wait a long time to get paid between fills. Taking off lashes is not fun.  Usually because that is the "free" part I was talking about earlier.  Lash glue should be allowed to give over time to allow YOU to add more beautiful lashes and keep your clients coming back for more. Humans are creatures of habit, and that is good for business when fills occur every couple of weeks. Not just that though, the money part is a by product of providing a healthy lash extension experience for your client. Fills are better for lashes than cement. 

So... How SHOULD you approach lash glue?  First, any glue you offer should ideally last between 3-5 weeks.  There are always some exceptions, but I can't really think of any right now except VERY sensitive clients (who should be using Maximum Sensitive glue anyways.) Anything longer than that can cost you actual cash too like I mentioned above!  I like to get my lashes filled every week, but most clients want every 2 weeks. 3 weeks can be ok, but I prefer closer as the lashes look better and I see more referrals come in as a result.  More referrals = more business for you. 

Finally, after a post like this it is inevitable that I get a thousand emails asking what glue I use.  So, here is what i am in love with at the moment.  I try a lot of glues to keep up with changes. My favorites, I offer on my website  I LOVE the Signature Latex-Free Glue for a strong bond and fast dry time, and Marvel Eyelash Extension Glue for relatively sensitive clients who hate the burning but still want great hold.  Both glues I use for different reasons, but they are used frequently and everyone I know, including my clients love them too.  Just check out the reviews!

I hope this helped, and I would LOVE to know your ideas and thoughts on this topic in the comments below!  Thanks for reading!



  • Posted by Mary on

    Thank you for sharing, very informative.

  • Posted by Ivonne P. Dewar on

    Excellent information, on how to handle a client who want there lashes to be a permanant fixture. Also good information on the glues. Thank you-

  • Posted by Ivonne P. Dewar on

    Excellent information, on how to handle a client. Also retension lashes.

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