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LASH TIPS: Removing Eyelash Extensions on Sensitive Clients!

LASH TIPS: Removing Eyelash Extensions on Sensitive Clients!

If you have not experienced it yet- just wait!  Once you have just one client who has major irritation from Eyelash Extension Glue, you will appreciate testing the glues on each client BEFORE application a lot more!  I always stress testing, yet I frequently get emergency calls from people who applied a full set of lashes on a friend or client that was not tested first and as a result, has red, swollen & itchy eyes!  When this happens, you feel HORRIBLE, and you never want to feel that way again!  So, what do you do?  Here are some steps and tricks that might help!

Before I get into the removal steps, here are some good business practices that you should implement immediately! DO NOT do a first time application for a major life event like a wedding or graduation without thoroughly explaining the possibilities of swollen itchy and red eyes if allergies or sensitivities exist. Not a bad idea to have them sign a liability waiver. The LAST thing you want is to ruin a big day.  Not to mention, it can ruin a couple of your days as well trying to help fix the problem as you in part created the mess.  And- ALWAYS TEST GLUE ON SENSITIVE SKIN FIRST! Either behind the ear, in the inner elbow crease or neck are usually good places.  If you see redness or irritation- proceed with caution, or simply refuse to apply the lashes!


1) Don't panic! Your client however will be panicking, because she is in pain, and even more, she looks like she has been crying non-stop for a week...  so can you blame her?  Just remember that you are the professional, and you did not create her sensitivity to the glue. But you can help her fix the situation.

2) Waiting it out will most likely not work.  Even the slightest irritation will most likely last a while, but if eye lids are swelling- take the lashes off as soon as possible!

3) When it is time to remove- you really don't have time to order a new remover.  That is why I always have got a GEL and a CREAM remover available.  GEL removers tend to liquefy as they heat up while creating the chemical reaction necessary to remove the Lash glue. The Cream is easier to control and keep away from contacting the eyelid I have found. So for sensitive clients, I recommend the Cream Remover Plus. (we sell it if you don't have it)

4) If extremely sensitive- one stylist just gave me a great tip- coat the eyelid with vaseline first to prevent as much chemical from touching the clients eyelids during the removal process as possible!  I think it sounds like a great idea!  Let me know if any of you try this and if it helps!  

5) Have your client SIT UP so that the removing chemicals don't run back on to the eyelids.  Do one eye at a time so you can quickly stop the process if needed due to burning or sensitivity. I use the micro-brushes to apply the remover, and for more precision, I then use my removing tweezers to carefully remove the lashes.  

6) Apply remover gently and carefully. It breaks down the adhesive qualities of the glue, so understand that it is a chemical.  Be careful. Let it sit on the lash until your tweezers can gently allow you to slide the lash extension off of the natural lash.  If you have to pull or tug- you either did not apply enough remover, or you did not let the remover sit long enough.  This can be a slow process, but take your time.  You owe it to your client to do a great job!

7) Finally, have your client hold a wet cloth that can be held on the eye if the irritation becomes too much for her. If this happens, you have to start the process over again.  

These are simple steps, but very important to know and practice BEFORE you have to do it for someone who is really having severe irritation.  You can always start clients with a more sensitive or mild glue like Marvel, or Maximum Sensitive.  Read the product descriptions well, and no matter what the labels say- ALWAYS TEST FIRST!  If you do- you will have happy clients!

Happy Lashing!



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  • Posted by Tawanna Young on

    Very helpful. I will have my clients sit up I stead of laying down. And I will purchase a cream remover.

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    Thank you for the helpful tips!

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