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Eyelash Extension Kits

We offer Top Quality Eyelash Extension Kits that will get you started like a Pro!  Your lash business is only as good as your Lash Extension Products! You will quickly find that you only get one shot at keeping or losing a client. Most of the time, lashes that stick together, have short holding time- meaning they fall off too quickly-will prove to hurt your business more than the cost of using top quality products will. has great Starter Kits that will surely get you lashing the RIGHT way, in no time!  Our kits feature glues and lashes that are used in top beauty schools and salons across the world.  Notably, top school in New York and Los Angeles strictly use our products.  Revelation glues offered in our kits also are widely used by the largest Lash Extension franchise in the world.  

Take advantage of our expedited shipping options to start sooner!  Starting a career in Eyelash Extensions has never been easier.  Cutting corners on quality doesn't work in any other industry- and it is the same in Eyelash Extension Application.  We always test the products we sell and keep a close eye on the industry to make sure we only sell the very best!  Take advantage of our Video Tutorials to help speed up your education, and keep you in the loop as you develop your skills.  Best of luck!  You are starting with a professional kit that contains top quality products!

Try all eyelash extension glues, and we are confident you will find yourself back with our Revelation line of Eyelash Extension Supplies.

-Top Quality, Professional Glues

-Deep Discounted if purchased in kit.

-Free Basic Shipping with Starter Kit Necessities.

-Eyelashes that will make your client's eyes pop with our top selling style, length and width.

-Lash Kit for every need.

Bottom Line, we get you the necessities to start a GREAT eyelash extension career!

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  1. Volume Eyelash Extension Kit- Best Mini Kit


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