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SILK Eyelash Extension Lashes 0.18

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Silk synthetic mink lash extensions. 0.18 width is exactly what many want in a lash! Thicker than a 0.15- yet thinner than a 0.20. They are also softer and smoother with more light-weight flexibility.

Many have turned to silk lashes by revelation to do all of their client's lash extensions with! These lashes have a softer and smoother feel to them which creates a lighter look and feel and still maintains the thicker look close to that of a .20 lash. They are made with a different synthetic fiber that is more silky smooth.

Revelation SILK lashes are a premium lash that is lighter and softer for the individual lash application. SILK lashes are often preferred to keep a thicker looking lash, but lighter than the standard synthetic Mink lash. Used primarily with an individual lash glue. Revelation recommends the SIGNATURE glue with this lash, but other standard glues will do the trick too!

- Perfect 0.18 Width
- Lighter & Softer Feel
- Premium Silk Material

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