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Eyelash Extension Kit- Simplified.

  • $ 89.95

Eyelash Extension Kit- Simplified.

An Eyelash Kit for both Beginners and Professionals! You need an eyelash kit that will get you started- or replenish your key products! Here it is.

You want a Lash Kit, but you are not sure yet... Then this is the PERFECT eyelash extension starter kit for you!
Eyelash Extension Starter Kit Simplified has what you need, for applying a small amount of lashes. Get the Lash Stuff that will help you look like a pro! This is also a great refill kit if you have the starter kit and just need to get the main products again.

This kit offers the following:

- 1 Elevate Eyelash Extension Glue by Revelation (10g bottle, black glue)

-1 Revelation Gel Remover 15g bottle.

-Your Choice of ONE MIX TRAY in any of the following Curls and Widths:

(1) C .15 MIX Tash Tray (most popular)

(1) C .20 MIX Lash Tray

(1) D .15 MIX Lash Tray

(1) D .20 MIX Lash Tray

All Mix Trays include lashes Ranging from 9mm-15mm length lashes, and everything in between all in one tray! This makes application quick and easy and gives you a feel for what lengths you and your clients prefer!

-10 Disposable mascara wants

-10 pairs of Lint Free Eyepads to make application easier

-1 SET of Eyelash extension Tweezers by Revelation ($32.95 value) You get Both Straight and Curved Tweezers.

-1 roll of paper tape to help keep those lower lashes out of the way!

You asked for something more basic- and we delivered!

- Starter Kit Simplified
- Beginner-friendly
- Top-selling item

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