Eyelash Extensions Supplies and Products

At Lashes Direct, we bring you our eyelash extensions supplies free of fussy marketing. We save you money and get straight to the point. While our labels are not flashy and our packaging is simple, our products are the same quality brands that other websites offer at higher prices. From lashes to adhesive to crystals, we offer the variety of supplies eyelash extensions services require all in one place.

While other companies may offer any adhesive, we have thoroughly researched and hand-selected the adhesives we believe will be the best for your clients. Less harsh than mosts alternatives, our maximum sensitive adhesives are made in the USA and are friendlier to those with chemical sensitivities. You can find our range of brand-name and specialty sensitive skin products on our Adhesives & Removers: Eyelash Extensions Glue & More page.

We offer a variety of lashes, from synthetic to mink, to meet your every need. As our goal is to help you offer your clients the best eyelash extensions possible, we also offer not only basic eyelash extensions supplies but also specialized products to improve your services. Our sealants extend the life and curl of lashes, and our lash oil will improve the gloss and fullness of lashes. We even offer extension-friendly makeup remover for your business and your clients.

Our Eyelash Extensions Kits are excellent for refilling multiple supplies at once at a discount or for those just starting to offer eyelash extensions. Our cost-effective solutions include lash kits, adhesive kits and deluxe salon starter options. Our starter kits include everything from tweezers to eye patches to lashes, giving you everything you need to start eyelash extensions services. Our lash kits are customizable for color, length, curl and thickness. We even offer refill kits for returning clients.

With our excellent prices, you can afford to stock up on all the supplies and application tools you need. You can even branch your business into luxury mink lashes. Your clients will be thrilled with their results, and you will be happy with the prices. Superior quality, affordable options are at your disposal with Lashes Direct.

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